I liked a boy in my junior year in high school who was tall, handsome and liked to take pictures. To get the boy's attention I signed up for a photography class and it wasn't long until I fell hoplessly, madly in love.

With photography.

Many classes (and boys!) later, I'm still as passionate and giddy about the camera as that 16 year old girl. I tried to study other things in college. Child Development. Sociology. Even thought about Oceanography. But I always came back to the camera. I have been shooting professionally since 1992. I have won awards, been published, and continue my education as the exciting art and business of photography is ever-changing.

Capturing the spirit of my subjects, I photograph people as I see them. Let their personalities do the talking. Formal, perfectly posed runway smiles? Not so much. I prefer the subtle look from a new bride to her groom, or the texture of a baby's feet. That crinkly nose she gets when she's really happy? I love it. Real emotion. Real expression. Real photography.

I strive to tell the story behind the image. Whether it's your wedding, your graduation, your new little bundle, or just a day with your family; it's a chapter of your life. Let me help you tell your story....

Kate Pinsonneault